We are glad you found our site and thank you for taking the time to view everything.

We would like to begin by saying our goal is not to be like everyone else. Instead, we want to create beautiful and unique Texas Landscapes. We would love to bring and end to all the high maintenance and boring cookie-cutter landscapes. What do we mean by this? Well, just simply step out your front door and book up and down the street. What do you see? Everyone has the same boring, high maintenance landscape. Every landscape on the street looks alike and has very few plants for Texas landscapes in it! We don’t’ know about you, but a little variety is nice!! After all, this is Texas! Texas has never been a state worried about conforming and blending in. Why should our landscapes?

So as we blog in the future, we will be writing about transforming Texas landscapes, informing our neighbors about the benefits of drought tolerant, low maintenance and native adaptive landscapes, and most of all having fun doing it!

Thank you again for visiting our site. Please bookmark our blog as we will have frequent updates. Future blogs will include more about native plants, our fabulous Water Features (we are Certified Aquascape Contractors), and even some step by step transformations of customers landscapes!

See ya’ll soon!!
Texas Land Design LLC