Hello Fellow Texans!!

By now I am sure everyone knows that water restrictions are a fact of life.  This should not come as a surprise to a Texan.  After all, the first settlers described the Texas climate as a series of prolonged drought followed by flash floods!  Words of Wisdom.  Do not despair, especially for your landscaping.  Mother Nature has provided us with an abundance of Native and adaptive plants to choose from.  All of these are either from our climate or ones similar around the globe.  These include a tremendous variety of colorful perennials, swaying grasses, stately trees and evergreen shrubs.  Plants from Texas are beautiful and bold!!  A Texas landscape should and could be both beauty and brawn.

Water restrictions are here to stay.  We as Texans need to remove our old high maintenance, thirsty landscapes to conserve our most important commodity, water.  We at Texas Land Design know how to help you!! Saving water, one landscape at a time!