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Texas Land Design was started to end Texas of boring, high maintenance landscapes!

We began from the onset to learn all we could about Native and Adaptive plants for landscape uses. Since Texas has the largest amount of Native plants that can be used for landscape purposes in the United States, we have vast amounts of plants to choose from, and many landscape styles to choose from. Native is not just cactus and rocks, though that is beautiful as well, it is also layers of green, vibrant flowers, season long blooms and winter evergreens. Soft, Lush, Vibrant! Drought Tolerant, Low Maintenance.

So if you would rather sip on lemonade than add more lawn work, Texas Land Design is the company for you!

Commercial Landscape

Commercial landscapes generally suffer from bad design. Most use traditional landscape plants which are not drought tolerant and are costly to maintain. Sadly, most are very thirsty. Basically, they are not meant for Texas. Texas Land Design has the knowledge, experience and man power to design and install your commercial, Texas friendly landscape! Our promise to you is for a vibrant, colorful, Texas landscape that costs less to maintain!

Texas Land Design has the size and experience to take on your commercial landscape or water feature. Please contact us to book your consultation.

Landscape Layers

  • Every landscape deserves a great soil foundation. We believe that the soil is a fundamental part of a successful landscape.
  • Then you are able to plant your choice of plants knowing you are giving their roots a great place to flourish.
  • Top off the landscape with a layer of mulch that will keep the plants moist and healthy.


Every landscape should include:


Water benefits the landscape by providing sound, interaction, wildlife value, and is also a people magnet.


We all know how plants benefit a landscape, so let’s talk about what kind we use. We use native plants and plants adapted to our region. We focus on drought tolerant, low maintenance, long blooming plants.


At Texas Land Design we love rocks. Big rocks, small rocks, it doesn’t matter to us! Why are we so passionate about rocks? Because when incorporated in landscapes they give an immediate impact and lend a timeless, natural feel to the garden.


Nature does not plant everything on the same level, why should we? Levels provide layers and interest and are accomplished through varying plant height and using boulders to raise bed levels.


Our landscapes are not just to look at, interact with them! Touch, smell, and pick flowers. Wade in the stream or water garden. Hear the waterfall and birds. Watch colorful fish dance through the water or hummingbirds and butterflies dart from bloom to bloom. Go ahead, be a kid again!

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